Superior cuts of halal grass-fed meat delivered directly to your door.

Halal Editions is a top-tier online butcher and purveyor of fine meats, bringing UK residents the best selection of grass-fed and naturally reared beef.
Order Halal meat, plan your holiday meals, and shop your favourite cuts of steak using our website—or contact us directly with any questions.

how buying meat online works

  • Choose your delivery day. Next day delivery on all orders. Delivery is free on all orders over £60.

  • Your fresh meat delivery will arrive in a special stay-chilled insulated box, which will stay cold for up to 72 hours.

  • All our meat is fresh so it can be popped in the freezer if you don't need to use it straight away.

We guarantee the quality of all our goods and produce.

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  • Black Angus

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the black angus beef specialist

Grass Fed. Naturally Reared. World Class.

As a company, Halal Editions partners with Irish-based cattle farmers whose breeding and rearing practices produce some of the highest quality meat in the world. All animals are grass-fed, well cared for, and fattened for superior marbling and delicious flavour.

Our business has made it our personal mission to champion the national pride and culinary excellence that comes from intelligent and sustainable animal husbandry—with fresh meats available quickly, at an affordable price, and free of preservatives, GMOs, and other unnecessary artificial material that dilutes the quality of the meat.

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